Miracle Gets a Mobility Miracle

Miracle's family asked us to share the following message of gratitude to our supporters of the Handicapped Pets Foundation:

"We have received Miracle's Walkin' Wheels.  Attached is a photo of her very first time with her new freedom! As I write this, she has now been in her chair 4 times and is starting to explore the house. She is fighting a battle with herself not to bunny hop, but she has reverse down pat," Miracle's family wrote about her first day.

"We never would have been able to do this without the wonderful help from the Handicapped Pets Foundation and the wonderful people who gave so Miracle could walk again. What a blessing. I will send more photos in the coming weeks. Well, as soon as the rain lets up and we can walk not swim outside. Thank you again everyone for your support."

Miracle was left at an overcrowded animal shelter where numerous other healthy dogs were also waiting for new homes.  Miracle was scheduled to be euthanized when she luckily found her way to a family that has since fallen in love with her sweet temperament and kind smile.

Miracle Before Getting WheelchairMiracle was in need of a dog wheelchair to get her walking again.  She is approximately 2 years old and has been locked into a sqatting postion and unable to walk on her hind legs for more than a year.  X-rays indicate that Miracle likely suffered an injury that shattered her pelvis when she was approximately 4-8 months old.  The injury was never treated, and now Miracle can move only by scooting her hind quarters along behind her.   

Unfortunately, as a result of the economy, Miracle's adoptive family was also facing severe financial difficulties and turned to the Handicapped Pets Foundation for assistance.  Her adoptive family indicated that they believe Miracle has the potential to become a therapy dog that is trained to make visits to hospitals and nursing homes. 

A very generous supporter of the Handicapped Pets Foundation issued a challenge in support of Miracle.  This fellow animal lover agreed to match the first $200 in contributions received towards Miracle's campaign.

Miracle has received enough funds and now has her Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair. Thank you for your support! Please consider donating for other pets in need.